What Is ABA Therapy?

Behavior analysis is a natural science of behavior first developed by B.F. Skinner and colleagues starting in the 1930s (Skinner, 1938, 1945, 1953; also see Morris, Altus, & Smith, 2013). Behavior analysis principles and its application to real life is what we came to know nowadays as Applied behavior analysis (ABA).

ABA Therapy has been shown to be effective in a wide variety of areas, including parent training, substance abuse treatment, dementia management, brain injury rehabilitation, occupational safety intervention, among others (bacb.com)

However, the most widely recognized field in which ABA therapy is used is in the treatment of developmental disabilities such as Autism.

ABA has shown important improvements with individuals with disabilities in aspects such as functional communication, social skills, decrease of harmful behaviors, learning of new skills and increase of beneficial behaviors.

At BSI, We are deeply committed to utilize the fundamentals and techniques that ABA therapy offers in order to help your child have all the tools he/she needs to be independent, successful and happy.

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