At Behavior Solutions Inc, We cater to every family's individual needs!

Direct Individual ABA therapy

We provide ABA therapy at the particular setting that is needed by you. Schools, homes, after school care facilities, or out in the community to name a few. No matter where you need us, we will go with you!

Social Skills Training

We provide our children and teenagers with the skills necessary to create and maintain meaningful relationships with others as well as having an active social life. We know how important this is and we take great care to develop these skills which in part make for a happier life. 

Parent/Caregiver Training

We are committed to providing your family with positive behavior changes that are lasting. This is why we provide parent training. We will make sure that you as a parent or caregiver have the tools and skills necessary to maintain and perpetuate all of the success your child has accomplished during direct individual therapy. 

Professional Training

As part of our commitment to take the benefits of ABA therapy to others, we provide training to professionals of other disciplines as well as groups of parents. The techniques of behavior analysis can be used in many  settings and we would love to share the knowledge with your center or educational facility. If you are interested, please let us know at [email protected]

Starting Therapy Can Be Bit Scary And Confusing. They Help Me Out Throughout The Whole Process. Always Explaining And Guiding Us In Each Step Of The Way. A Very Positive Experience